All-Time Bests

Below are the all-time best performances (to our knowledge) run in MTC singlets. Have a time to contribute? Drop us a line at Best viewed in landscape mode when on your phone.


Time Name Year Race
5:31 Steve Williams 2019 Monumental Mile



Time Name  Year Race
11:23.96 Steve Hollander 2019 Summer On The Track



Time Name Year  Race
15:56 Greg Maves 2019 Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble 5k
17:16* Thomas Jeschke 2020 Cheers to New Years 5k
17:53 Julian Stephenson 2019 Ripple Effect 5k
17:54 Steve Williams 2019 Ripple Effect 5k
19:03 Evan Hitchcock 2019 Ripple Effect 5k
19:05 Garrett Lawton 2019 Ripple Effect 5k
25:03 Jeremy Rase 2019 Ripple Effect 5k


5 Mile

Time Name Year Race
32:48* Julian Stephenson 2019 Holliday Park Trail Run



Time Name Year Race
33:15 Greg Maves 2019 Columbus 10k


Half Marathon

Time Name Year Race
1:19:47* Steve Williams 2019 No Luck Run
1:19:47 Thomas Jeschke 2019 No Luck Run
1:22:41 Lucas Collis 2019 Geist Half
1:22:44 Julian Stephenson 2019 Monumental Half
1:27:25 Garrett Lawton 2019 Monumental Half
1:31:27 Jason David 2019 Indy Mini



Time Name Year Race
2:28:55 Greg Maves 2019 Monumental Marathon
2:46:55 Steve Williams 2019 Monumental Marathon
2:51:11 Thomas Jeschke 2019 Monumental Marathon
2:54:35 Lucas Collis 2019 Tunnel Marathon


*indicates 1st Place Overall