Monon Vs Everybody


2022 Event Info Coming Soon!

Updates for the 2022 Event (check back in spring of 2022 for official rules):

  • Segments will be run north to south.
  • There will be a team relay option and leaderboard.
  • Times must be submitted within 24 hours of running the segment.

Monon Vs Everybody

    FKT is shorthand for “Fastest Known Time” — essentially, a speed record on any given route. In the world of trail running, FKTs on iconic routes are hotly contested and widely discussed. In the world of urban running, however, FKTs have largely been an afterthought. But that changes this year when MTC and Athletic Annex put their own spin on the concept.

    The rules of this challenge are simple. Run the routes, submit your times, and see how your results compare to the competition. There is no entry fee or registration required. Runners have 30 days to take on the challenge and there will be prizes (see below).

    In addition, we've created a print to track your progress. These will be available for local pickup only at Athletic Annex in Nora (1300 E. 86th St.) in late March. Purchase isn't necessary to participate, but this thing is pretty slick. And a portion of the proceeds from each print sale will benefit an area nonprofit, to be announced in the near future.

    Also, we encourage you to explore the neighborhoods, towns, and cities that you'll start and finish at throughout this challenge. They each have their own unique restaurants, breweries, and shops that are worthy of your time. Want some suggestions? Hit us up.

    Challenge Rules

    Entry Fee: Zero. Just go out and run. The only requirement for participation is that you run the routes and submit the times.

    Dates: This challenge begins on 4/1 and formally concludes on 4/30. However, if you run the routes and submit your times later, we will add them to the leaderboard.

    Recording/Submitting Your Run: All submitted times must be supported by GPS data synced via Strava, Garmin, or your preferred GPS watch platform. All runs must be recorded on “Race” mode and emailed to or posted on Instagram with the tags @monontrackclub and @athleticannex within 24 hours of running the segment. We're forgetful people too, so if you miss the deadline just send us a message and we'll sort it out. 

    If you go the Instagram route and your account is set to private, shoot us a DM with a screenshot of the post. Our team will verify all results to ensure that details are accurate and you will only be added to the leaderboard after that has been done.

    You can run the routes as many times as you'd like. And anyone who documents completing each segment in an MTC singlet gets an extra little something.

    Course Description (exact segments subject to change for 2022)

    Each route is north to south. This is important. You should read it again. Last year was the opposite. Next year will be the opposite too. Also, don't actually run into the middle of the street to finish. That would be unwise.

    Some areas can get congested with pedestrian traffic during the weekend, particularly Broad Ripple and Carmel. Please plan your running accordingly.

    Finally, all Monon bridges and tunnels (except the Carmel detour) are part of the official Strava Segments. Anyone taking shortcuts around these will be disqualified.

    • Downtown (~4.8mi) - The official start is 54th Street and the finish line is College Avenue near 10th Street. Please note that the Monon Trail has a detour going southwest just south of 16th Street and no longer terminates at 10th Street.
      • Parking available on Winthrop Ave. and other neighborhood streets. Please do not park in business parking lots.
      • Finish parking is available at the Frank & Judy O'Bannon Soccer Park, and other neighborhood streets.
    • Broad Ripple (~5.3mi) - The official start is 96th Street and the finish line is 54th Street.
      • Parking available at Monon South Trailhead off of 96th St.
    • Carmel (~5.2mi) - The official start line is the beginning of the 146th Street bridge  and the finish line is 96th Street. Please note that there is a detour on this segment with posted signage from Monon Green Blvd to the tunnel at City Center Drive. The detour is a part of the official Carmel Segment for 2022.
      • Parking available at the Rohrer Rd. Monon Trail Access.
      • Parking available at the Greyhound Pass Monon Parking Lot.
    • Westfield (~5.8mi) - The official start line is 199th Street and the finish line is the north side of the 146th Street bridge. Be aware of the merger on this segment with the Midland Trace Trail. Staying on the official Strava Segment requires a sharp left turn at this point just south of 175th Street. 
      • Parking available at the Monon Trail North Entrance on 191st St.
      • Parking available on side streets in Hortonville off of 206th St.
    • Sheridan (~5mi) - The official start line is 1 near Opel Street where the trail dead ends into a yellow gate and the finish line is 199th Street.
      • Parking available at the end of the Monon Trail just off of Opel St.

    For more detailed information on the routes check out the Strava Segments, hyperlinked above.

    Prizes (subject to change for 2022): The female and male who post the fastest time on the combined segments (the FKT holders) each win a $50 gift card from our friends at Athletic Annex and a $50 gift card from Monon Track Club. In addition, everyone who runs or walks all five segments will be entered into a drawing and five lucky winners will receive a $25 gift card from Athletic Annex and a $25 gift card from Monon Track Club. Follow the @monontrackclub and @athleticannex pages on Instagram for updates!

    Rules of the Road/Monon: Runners are expected to follow all traffic laws, park regulations, and obey appropriate social distancing requirements during their runs.

    Assumption of the Risk: Running may be considered a potentially dangerous activity, and anyone who attempts this challenge assumes all risks associated with participation. If you are not comfortable accepting these risks, please do not attempt this challenge. Monon Track Club and Athletic Annex are also not responsible for any valuables left in your car while participating in this challenge.

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